What happens when you feel like your life has hit rock bottom? Nobody has come to rescue you and now you realize that you are going to have to find the strength to rescue yourself! I’m sorry, but that is a reality that we all have to face in life at some point, NO ONE is coming to rescue you. Only YOU can rescue yourself! You begin rescuing yourself from whatever hard and difficult situation life has landed you in by realizing that you, and ONLY YOU ultimately have to do whatever needs to be done to fix it.

Maybe it is going to be hard work, but whether it is hard or not, delaying getting started only makes things more difficult and it will still take however long its going to take to dig yourself out of the hole you’ve found yourself in.

The 5 Minute Pity Party

We’ve all found ourselves feeling sorry for ourselves and our current lot in life. The truth is, there is always someone with it worse and always someone with it better. It doesn’t do any good to feel sorry for ourselves and is just a way to PUT off MAKING DECISIONS and doing whatever we need to do to fix our life. If you find yourself getting stuck in this sand and depressed energy and not making decisions and taking actions to make your life better, then limiting yourself to one 5-minute pity party a day may be a helpful exercise. That’s it. Pick a time and cry or yell or stomp or punch a pillow and wail to the Universe if that is what you need to do, but once that 5 minutes is up for the day you have to stop and decide the next action you will commit to take to fixing your life.

Gathering Strength

Gathering strength is an important part of figuring out how to leave rock bottom. There are different ways we can gather strength. One is looking for people or organizations that can be helpers and supporters. In the cases of people, these aren’t always the people you’d automatically expect like family, spouses or friends. If you find supporters from those ranks, that is wonderful. However, don’t forget that the Internet and groups like meetup groups can be good sources for finding people who are willing to help you feel strong enough to rebuild your life. There may be groups that meet in person in your area. You could reach out and make new friends who understand your current situation and aren’t connected to your old life. You can also seek help from a coach, or a psychologist or counselor or clergy depending on your beliefs. If you are spiritual, you can explore learning to connect with your guides, angels or your own inner sense of self. If you find yourself very alone, you can connect with nature, animals and plants to gather strength and journal with your own thoughts, keeping your own council.

There are many different options and all of them can help you gather strength to move forward and rebuild your life.

The Trivedi Effect

The Trivedi Effect is a wonderful energy that can be used to help you overcome setbacks and challenges in life. It can help you get through the hard times and find the energy to keep moving forward and persevere. Blessings using the Trivedi Effect energy are designed to connect and strengthen your connection with God and the Divine. The Trivedi Effect energy has the power to reignite your resolve, strengthen your soul deep purpose and reconfigure your spirit back to its original blueprint.

Working with Shirley

To work with Shirley Holmlund on creating a wonderful life, please email her at shirley@shirleyholmund.com to set up an appointment.