Shirley Holmlund is a powerful energy worker whose presence and caring permeates the field of the person she’s working with. Well-educated on the spiritual plane and strong-footed on the material, she comes from a place of confidence and empathy to address the topics of concern to the client.

Given her deep connection to and substantial experience with The Trivedi Effect, it should surprise no one that she has emerged as one of the premier proponents of this form of Biofield Therapy.

Karan R.

“I think Shirley is a true healer. I met her through a friend, and as an astrologer, I felt a healing presence about her. I asked her if she could help me with a health issue, that had been plaguing me for some time, and I had been seeking relief through the medical field. It concerned a metallic taste in my mouth. Shirley sent energy transmissions and a week later the metallic taste ceased and still has not returned 3 years later. “

Janice C.

“I had breast cancer twice and was seeking medical tests, and there was an indication the cancer had returned. Shirley gave me daily transmissions and solace, when I had 5 biopsies on one breast. I was feeling great anxiety during this time, and she helped me to stay more positive. I was called by the doctor 2 weeks before my visit, to deliver the news that the biopsies were all negative. I know Shirley helped to bring about this positive outcome. I have great faith in her healing abilities.”

Louise B.

“Shirley sent transmissions to a farmer’s crop in the spring. The yield on the crop in question was 60% higher than the average crop yield on record.”


“Shirley has her own testimony. She was diagnosed with a very large ovarian cyst and was scheduled for surgery. She convinced her holistic doctor to wait awhile, as it had begun to shrink. Through alternative therapy and her own thought intention, the cyst disappeared and has not returned. It was a slow process with permanent results.”


“I have found Shirley to be a very powerful healer, as well as a very insightful person whose ability to transmit energy is evident. Shirley is very skilled at tuning into her inner guidance, downloading the message, and getting direction for the action that she has to take. Shirley’s connection to the Life Force enables her to be very effective channel for transmitting this energy.”


“I met Shirley at a business meeting. I immediately felt a great positive connection to her. I have been fascinated by quantum physics and spiritual enlightenment for years, so I could immediately recognize her extremely high level calibration of consciousness. She has recently given me blessings. Being a type A personality, of high-energy, always in action and acting with pathos, I find that sometimes I get stressed, I feel the tightness in my chest and I run myself down. I am very aware of the signals my body is sending me and I recognize that now, after Shirley’s blessings I feel ease, relaxation and my temperament is a lot calmer. Shirley might just have added 20 more years to my life. Thank you Shirley, my friend!”

Alina Oprea, Investment Consultant, Calgary, AB.

“Time and time again, I felt a deep reluctance in my new business to post things on social media -mainly Facebook and Instagram. As we know, it is essential to be on social media these days to promote a business, but my resistance persisted. I decided to seek for help because I seemed almost unable to overcome the hesitation I was faced with on my own. Very luckily, I found Shirley Holmlund through a referral. After an initial consultation with her, I felt very comfortable to ask her to sending me the Life Force Energy Transmissions and just after one week, I was able to break through this barrier I had. The courage and confidence I needed came through. I really don’t see how I could have done it on my own. Shirley Holmlund is an evidence-based Life Force Energy Healer and I highly recommend her to any one who needs overcoming any obstacles.”

SuMei L.

“I was greeted by a very warm, gentle and inviting voice when I called Shirley Holmlund after looking at her impressive science results on her website. She is a powerful, caring, compassionate, empathetic and gifted Life Force Energy Healer. Shirley is highly knowledgeable about the Trivedi Effect and listens with an intuitive ear and shares her gifts with you. After receiving the energy, I noticed a deeper level of confidence and the ability to express myself with greater ease and flow. It was an experience that truly took me by surprise. I highly recommend Shirley if you are looking for more ease, growth and wellbeing in your life!”


“Shirley Holmlund is a Life Force Energy Healer and is a dedicated and very caring healer.  Shirley has huge credentials from her work in science with proven results, which is extraordinary.

I was looking for an increase in my finances and after receiving seven days of energy transmissions from Shirley I received a call from a new client.  Along with that, I am experiencing greater focus and clarity in areas specific to my own growth which is very welcomed.

I recommend Shirley Holmlund for her profound work as a Trivedi Effect Healer, and for anyone who is looking for more success and happiness in life.”