Is it time for a second act in your life? A third act? Don’t let age, life transitions and changes or feelings of failure stop you from moving forward in a new direction, creating something new or being willing to try again! There’s always room for a new dream! It doesn’t matter if you had a great career and now you are looking for something new for this next part of your life or if you were a stay-at-home mom and now your kids are grown or if you’ve never really worked at all…wherever you start, there is time left in your life to still create something, do something, learn something, give something, or be something.

Exploring New Directions

You only need to decide on a direction to begin trying new things (not on a final destination or goal)! The key here is to take action and not get stuck thinking about taking actions! One of the hardest things about being willing to explore new directions for our life is overcoming the OLD you. It is important to realize that even if you decide to explore new directions in your life, it doesn’t take away anything from the old you, it only adds and enriches your life experiences. What’s the worst that can happen? You try something new and discover it’s boring and you really hate it? So what, then pick something different to try. What happens if you try something else and it’s just OK? Keep trying something different. Eventually you will find things you think you might like but you will find out that all beginners are BAD at their new endeavor.

It’s Hard to be a Beginner

Even when you try something “new” to you, and you like it and really want to learn…it can be hard to be a “beginner” again when you are or were an expert at your old life. Rest assured, being a beginner is hard, but it can be fun too and you won’t be a beginner forever if you stick with it. Being a beginner can be freeing, people are helpful to beginners and this can help you make new friends. If you make mistakes as a beginner they are low risk and you learn a lot from each mistake. You get to see improvements very quickly as you practice and this can help you stay motivated to keep going.

Getting Your Mind Right

One important thing to consider is getting your mind in the right space to be willing to try new things and explore within your life. In some cases this means trying new hobbies, or maybe taking a job in a new field, but sometimes the “new direction” that you need to explore is about you “BEING” different—taking different actions and living in a way you never have before. That can be scary and it is good to find a coach or friend to talk to during this time so you don’t feel so alone. Sometimes we’ve outgrown the old version of ourselves and we already know how we need to change to feel better, but it is hard to become something we’ve never been before. You may know you need and want to become a person who is active or always on time or an expert at social media, but you may not really know how to create those things in your life. The answer is always, “One step at a time!” Research (but don’t get stuck there) and then take the next small step in the new direction that you are capable of taking. Keep repeating this pattern. If you get stuck and don’t know the next step, find and ask someone who is experienced in the area you are moving toward. If you can’t find someone in person, don’t forget you can learn from books, or even YouTube videos! It is incredibly rare that there isn’t someone in the world who hasn’t already walked the path of change you are on. In the rare case where you are truly doing something no one has ever done before you can still learn pieces of what you need from others, though you may need to customize and put them together for yourself. We are never without resources and guidance, we only need to look around!

The Trivedi Effect

The Trivedi Effect is a wonderful energy that can be used to help you move in a new direction in your life. It can help you persevere through the “in between” time of exploring new directions and finding your second, or third act in life! Blessings using the Trivedi Effect energy are designed to connect and strengthen your connection with God and the Divine. The Trivedi Effect energy has the power to reignite your dreams, help you recognize your soul deep purpose and reconfigure your spirit back to its original blueprint.

Working with Shirley

To work with Shirley Holmlund on exploring new directions in your life, please email her at to set up an appointment.