Finding calm inside while weathering the storms of life is an important skill. We can’t always control the day-to-day ups and downs in life, but we can teach ourselves to create a space of calm where we can gather strength, think and plan so that when good times come again we are ready and while things are hard we are able to stay rested and remain as physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy as possible.

Creating Mental and Emotional Space

One of the best ways to create mental and emotion space in our life is by journaling each day. Journaling doesn’t require you to be a good writer, you can write just for yourself and not worry about spelling or grammar. Writing allows you to capture the thoughts and feelings that might be speeding through your mind so fast that you don’t even realize all that you feel and think! If you can’t write or don’t want to, audio journaling using a phone to record yourself speaking is another way to get your thoughts out into the open and create some mental and emotional space to make decisions and uncover your thoughts.

Creating Calm

There are different techniques you can use to create a sense of calm in your life when things feel overwhelming or chaotic. You can for instance, take a relaxing Epsom salt bath. The Epsom salt relaxes the muscles because of the action of the magnesium your skin will soak up in the water. Warm water also helps relax muscles. Some people like to light a candle or use relaxing scented soaps in order to add an element of aroma therapy to the experience. Other people might listen to calming music, or ocean sounds in order to create peace and calm. Some people enjoy walking in the woods and soaking up nature or visiting the beach at dawn or dusk when it isn’t crowded. Meditation is a popular way to clear the mind of intrusive thoughts and create a sense of calm and control. A simple meditation can be lighting a candle and staring into the flame. Beginners might select one calming thought to repeat every time another thought tries to intrude until the mind quiets. A mediation can be done for as little as 5 minutes if that is all the free time you have, but most people work their way up to 15 minutes.

The Trivedi Effect

The Trivedi Effect is a wonderful energy that can be used to help you find and maintain your calm during the challenges of life. It can help you persevere through the storms! Blessings using the Trivedi Effect energy are designed to connect and strengthen your connection with God and the Divine. The Trivedi Effect energy has the power to strengthen you and help you define your life purpose and reconfigure your spirit back to its original blueprint.

Working with Shirley

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