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Scientifically Validated Energy Healer

Shirley Theresa Holmlund is a gifted and spiritual healer validated through science, who harnesses Life Force energy from nature and transmits it to people to enhance their health and well-being living organisms; as well as non-living materials, such as nutraceuticals, to improve performance. Shirley’s energy healing abilities have been validated in preclinical scientific research using both cell-based and mouse models to suggest better bone health, increased overall health, and enhanced quality of life.

She had an extensive career as a teacher and Media Specialist; and received a local and provincial award for her outstanding contributions, in media and program planning for students and teachers; as well as 2 national nominations for teaching excellence. Her success stemmed from the love she felt for her students and the many people with whom she worked.

spiritual healer calgary

She had an innate intuition that allowed her to understand the needs of others. She believed that Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions are the gifts that need to be uncovered and encouraged by raising the people’s consciousness. Shirley also learned at an early age that she had the gift to affect change and make a difference. Throughout her life she experienced many phenomena that were difficult to explain.

spiritual healer calgary

Shirley was active on many professional committees within the school and the educational system. Her innovation helped initiate teaching excellence. The Integrated Media Technology System in the school and its integration into 168 schools in the education system. She received a local and provincial award for her outstanding contributions in media programming for students and teachers, as well as two national nominations for teaching excellence. had an extensive career as a teacher and a Media Specialist. Her success in this field stemmed from the love she felt for her students and the many people with whom she worked.

As a child Shirley was curious about nature, truth, reality and the world beyond. This awareness came from experiences that were often beyond adult explanation. Catholicism morphed into an expanded field of spirituality. Some family members were into holistic health and healing sciences which were incorporated into her daily life. She came to know there was an aspect of her that could affect change in a very positive manner. Shirley realized she had a gift that needed exploring.

She pursued various avenues of health and spirituality in a quest for the truth of reality and the universe. Many philosophy courses, transformational leaders and healing modalities later, she encountered a man by the name of Mr. Mahendra Trivedi, founder of the Trivedi Effect. Shirley realized that he was the answer to her quest for higher consciousness. Mr. Trivedi has the ability to harness and transmit the Life Force to change the behaviors and characteristics of living materials and non-living organisms, remotely, by thought intention. This phenomenon is called the Trivedi Effect and affects changes at the cellular, molecular and atomic levels.

spiritual energy healing

Shirley was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Trivedi and participate in his programs, and experience her life change in every way. It brought so many answers to the forefront and finally, all those long -asked questions were being answered. Her ability to fall asleep quickly and awaken refreshed was palpable. She experienced calmness, greater awareness and focus, renewed life purpose and energy, and an increased sense of joy in her life. Her newfound perception of reality, joy and deep peace was beyond understanding. Shirley continues to see growth in her health and wellness, and all areas of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual arenas. The depth of her connection to Divine Grace, Life Force, and Nature is greatly strengthened and continues to deepen.

Mr. Trivedi is a true Master of the Life Force energy, the Grace of God, and is most benevolent and generous in his mission to improve the world and this planet. Through his Healing Master’s Program, he has transformed healers to attain the gift of harnessing Life Force, to be a conduit able to transmit it to living organisms and non-living materials anywhere in the world.

Shirley had the good fortune to participate in Mr. Trivedi’s Healers Mastery program and attain the gift of harnessing Life Force from nature. Her abilities have been scientifically validated, are documented in scientific articles published in peer reviewed journals, which are available to view in university research libraries throughout the world.

Shirley Holmlund’s mission is to use her abilities as a Trivedi Healer to enhance the health and well-being of humans, plants, animals and help them fulfill their life’s purpose and reach their highest potential. Helping people realize satisfaction, joy, health and happiness in their life brings her great joy. This divine energy creates balance, bringing health and wellness to the benefactor. It has a ripple effect, affecting the totality of the surrounding living organisms and non-living materials,according to their energetic coding and connection.