Shirley Holmlund does not diagnose, treat or cure illness. The Life Force Healing Energy is in addition to your working with licensed health professionals who can and do diagnose and treat illness.

Life Force Healing Energy harnesses and connects living material to receive the Divine Energy, working in the highest interest to optimize potential.
All living material is unique, therefore the testimonials and results are specific to that individual and do not constitute guarantees, warranties, or predictions of any kind.

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You understand and accept that no guarantee in any form is made by Shirley Holmlund and its founder Shirley Holmlund and its employees, volunteers, joint venture partners, and associates for any specific result or desired outcome at any time. This includes Energy Transmissions also known as Blessings, healings, blogs, discourses, instructions, consultations, programs, meditations, or any other activity by Shirley Holmlund. Each individual can only be a witness to his or her own personal experience. It is for you to determine their truth by right practice, right intuition and accurate perception.

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