What does it mean to be connected to the divine? To be connected to the Divine can mean different things to different people, but overall, being connected to the Divine means that you (your spirit or soul) feel that you’ve come to Earth to have an experience and to learn and that while here you are connected to, guided by and protected by a larger energetic force sometimes referred to a Source Energy, the Universe or God.

Soul/Spirit Experiences & Growth

People are made up of a soul, or spirit inside a biological body, run by the brain. Our spirit chose to come to Earth to have an experience in a body and to use the experiences gained by living in a physical body in a physical realm to learn and grow. One thing offered on Earth is the power to manifest or create using thought things that can become part of our physical reality.

Blueprint for Your Life

Before your spirit came, you decided on a blueprint or plan for your life. You had lessons you wanted to learn and experiences you wanted to have and people you wanted to hang out with while you practiced living in a physical body and creating in a physical reality-based world. Sure some connections were left up to deciding what you wanted in the moment and there are many paths to learning lessons and having life experiences. Not everything was planned and set in stone ahead of time, there is still room for your biggest, wildest dreams, if you dare to believe it!

Putting Heart Into Your Life

Sometimes life doesn’t seem to be going the way you want. Bad things do happen to good people. Sometimes it’s to teach a lesson, or someone is your lesson. We grow through our adversity and learn more about who and what we want to be and what we don’t want to be through our lived experiences. It is easy to get disheartened, but putting heart and belief into creating the life you want and living your dreams is very important. One thing you can do is to actively seek to strengthen your connection with the divine so that you can better feel and understand guidance from the Divine in your life.

The Trivedi Effect

Blessings using the Trivedi Effect energy are designed to connect and strengthen your connection with God and the divine. The Trivedi Effect energy has the power to reignite and strengthen your soul deep purpose and reconfigure your spirit back to its original blueprint.

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